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With over 20 varieties of products for erosion and sediment control, East Coast Erosion Blankets can provide a solution to any erosion problem. From accelerated products which are designed for rapid degrading to assist in residential or golf course applications to over 5 varieties of turf reinforcement mats for permanent solutions, feel assured East Coast Erosion Blankets has you covered. We have even made product coding simple. All products begin with EC for East Coast, followed by the Matrix (S/straw, C/coconut, P/polypropylene), and ending with the number of nets. Specialty products end with a B for biodegradable, or a D for rapid degrading. For product assurance, always look for the EC designation.

  • East Coast actively participates in technical quality performance programs including:
    1. Large scale testing in compliance with all current ASTM standards
    2. The Erosion Control Technology Council's (ECTC) - Qdor (Quality Data Oversight & Review) Program
    3. NTPEP - Product Evaluation Program
  • Standard RECPs available in 3.75', 7.5' and 15.0' widths, custom lengths are available to meet your projects' demands
  • High quality raw materials and outstanding QC/QA every time
  • On-staff Technical Services to offer assistance with design, installation and product selection

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